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Exodus - A Way Out Deliverance Ministry.
Greetings dear friend in the strong and majestic name of Jesus Christ. I am your servant Minister Daniel Mackey, founder of Exodus Deliverance Ministry (EDM) under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to our family where a new community of faith is growing. We have church and study God's word without walls and minister to the whole person.

We are so glad you have come to fellowship at EDM. Our prayer is that every need in your life spiritually, physically and financially will be granted as you come out of captivity, into the Exodus of Deliverance, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the truth that is God's word.​

Bible Study 
Conference Calls
"The Seed of Promise" - Genesis 3:15
January 22, 2013
Let us Pray for You!
Inspirational Word from
Minister Daniel Mackey
Recording will start at the 40 second mark.
"The Seed of Promise:" 
The Accomplishments of His Death  -
Hebrews 2:14-15
February 12, 2013